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Barbie is a homeless puppy, when they 1st found her, she was around 6month old. the vet said she might come from a puppy mill, and since she
start to grown larger and larger, the breeder couldn't find her a buyer, and due to the sickness the breeder probably send her loose.
the veterinarians told me that barbie is in terrible condition, she is suffering from Fur matted, bald patches everywhere, infested with fleas, dull,
listless eyes, an overpowering odor of malnutrition and neglect, and bleeding paws.

The first thing they did upon her arrival was give her a thorough exam, to see what was going on with her. Not surprisingly, they found out that
she had a whole host of medical issues, malnutrition,dental disease, flea infestation, ear mites, and infection among just a few of them. they then
started several IVs of antibiotics and to treat her kennel cough. That was another thing. runny nose, coughing, wheezes and rattles in her lungs
as she breathed. Possible pneumonia.

she was really sick.

since the 1st time I layed my eyes on her, i was in love with her. and i decided to adopt her.
due to the medical care, surgerys, and special nutrition food and vitamins. its a lot of money. so i cut off lots of spences and spent all my savings
on her. it took us 3month to cure all her sickness, but the vitamins and nutrition pills must be fed for a life time.

because her Fur matted, i had to shave all her hair , and found her lovely big ears, which was matted with the fur on her bk, she still couldn't
make any sounds, the veterinarian said her throat probably got cut when she was in puppy mill, so she couldn't bark .
and now shes around 9month old and living with me and my other dog teddybear. shes smart and lovely.

theres still a lot of homeless dogs and cat needs a home to stay in. please help them if you can, save a life today and make the world a better






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